Keep up


Keep up with Spotify

Imagine that you want to go out for a run and you have an awesome playlist with your  favourite running tracks. Do you think that music alone is enough to motivate you to reach your limits and get the most out of your run?

This is a concept for a feature for Spotify. The idea is to set a minimum run speed and not go below that specified speed. If your pace drops, so does the pace of the music that you’re listening to. This serves as a hint that you need to hurry up.

After the run you can also see a timeline with your performance on each track that you played and decide whether to keep it or remove it.

The goal of this feature is to push you beyond your limits.

Earlier sketches

Earlier stage of the concept with the option to set minimum as well as maximum run speed in which case the music would deform into ‘fast forward mode’ as a warning that you need to preserve stamina. To further simplify this feature I decided to remove the maximum variable.

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